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New homeowners are golden opportunities for the enterprising businessman. These prospects are full of hope, ready to spend money, and looking to establish relationships with the business community. Take advantage of the freshest database of over 400,000 New Homeowners every month.

Over 6 million people buy a home in the U.S. every year. Contact them before they establish crucial spending habits Add punch to your database with the freshest leads available Select your leads by State, County & 3-digit ZIP Code

New Movers - the hottest prospects in town!

Each year 15% of the nation's population moves to a new residence. That's an amazing number of prospects, each with significant buying potential. New Movers are ready for change and ready to spend money during this crucial period. Not only are there many short-term purchases New Movers need to make, but this is also the time when they establish their long-term relationships with the business community.

New Movers often view their money in more fluid terms than established residents, and are more likely to spend than at virtually any other time. You can be sure that someone will be there to provide the goods and services to this sector – be sure you are that someone!

About our New Movers database:

Our national New Movers database is updated weekly. This database is compiled from the National Change Of Address file, as well as new phone and utility activations.

New Movers account for more than $1 Trillion worth of spending per year. Our New Movers database is the first database that is available with a high percentage of phone numbers. Select by home buyers or renters for any ZIP, City, County or State.

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